Mission, Vision & Values


Developing outdoor activity that is accessible for all.


Spending time outdoors increases physical and mental well-being. Everyone should have the opportunity to walk climb, mountaineer and enjoy the great outdoors regardless of background or ability. Small steps lead to big changes.


  • Improve Social Isolation

    Participating in positive activity and giving back to the community and meeting new social networks

  • Increase Health & Well-Being

    Focus on prevention and utilising government campaigns such as ‘One You’ and ‘5 Ways to Well-being’, mindfulness, physical fitness, effects of substances and recovery, family approaches to getting outdoors and feeling good

  • Access Accommodation

    Safe, secure quality housing solutions with supported tenancies

  • Better Relationships

    Parenting, family and positive friendships and relationships

  • Further Employment, Training and Education

    Aspiration, careers guidance and support